My pitch for a TEDtalk

I saw that TEDWomen and The Paley Center for Media were having a contest — Do you have a big idea that would make a great TEDTalk? So I told them how I want to change the world — in 500 characters or less! :) . Here’s my submission:

I intend to create a social movement to transform our financial world. The time is upon us to invent a new theory of money – a crowd-sourced / open-sourced / wikipedia-style theory. It has been 100 years since a secret Jekyll Island meeting began the Fed. Today, we’re seeing a global economic collapse due to untrustworthy institutions. The time of hierarchy and secretive authority is ending. We can create a new paradigm, formed in the light of day, for the good of all. TED is the perfect place.

What do you think?

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