JPMorgan Robo-Signers Unearthed in Florida Foreclosure Battle

The foreclosure suit heard round the world … the court battle of one Florida homeowner’s foreclosure is calling into question the integrity of thousands of foreclosure notices issued by JPMorgan Chase. The latest: robo signers: document processors who sign off on 10,000 or more documents a month without actually reading them. The Huffington Post reports:

Lawyers for a Florida homeowner are using a May statement by JPMorgan executive Beth Ann Cottrell to claim that the homeowner’s foreclosure isn’t valid. In her statement, Cottrell said she was part of an eight-person team that approved about 18,000 documents a month without seriously reviewing them.

Ally Financial is putting the brakes on foreclosures in 23 states. More brakes to be applied in the days ahead, I would expect.

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